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  BaZi - Four Pillars & Chi-Phases according to Chinese Calendar  
  This is a service free of charge for those who know and make use of Chinese Astrology.          
  This service is based on the software "My_own Astro & Feng Shui" which can be purchased for the PC.  
  My_own offers a variety of options and calculations - please have a look at:    
  Especially the original product can give you automatic calculation of local and summer time.  
  In here this is omitted:
All results are based on the Chinese Calendar, e.g. the time in China, without any amendments.
Should you want to adjust to local time in some way, you have to take care of that yourself.
  Should you have a calendar which gives data different from in here, please compare with the official dates for solstices and equinoxes.  
  You may find these in "Universal Time" (UT) for example at: <>.
Please note that the difference between UT and time in China is 8 hours.
  Now then, for any date between 1921 and 2020 this website offers you:  
  - the timing for the nearest changes of chi and their difference from the date given, as well as the length of the month    
  - the Four Pillars calculated according to that    
  There are different opinions by masters concerning the energetic start of day and year.
Please choose from the following options:
  Start of Year     Start of Day      
  And now we hope you enjoy using Lucky 8 BaZics.      
  Prename   Surname  
  (optional)   (optional)    
  For the date please choose from the menus either "today"/"now" or a specific value:  
  Year Month Day Hour Minute  
  The official date of birth is:      
  Using the chosen options for the change of year and day, WITHOUT considering local and summer time, these are the data for the four pillars:      
  energetic Hour of birth energetic Day of birth energetic Year of birth  
  And here now the timing for the changes of chi in the month of birth:  
  date provided changes of chi distance of date to change of chi  
  (China) days - hh:mm numerical  
    Length of month:  
  If you do not see the Chinese characters, most likely you are missing the "Unifont" (can be obtained from various websites).      
  This application is subject to the Copyright by Andreas W. Schoening (see Imprint).    
  This implies the calculation of results as well as technical realisation and layout.  
  Part of the technical realisation is Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Framtidsforum I&M AB, Sweden.  
  Usage is restricted to this original website or links to this website.  
  You are the only one responsible for any usage of the results obtained from this site.    
  The validity of this application has been thouroughly checked, but errors can never be ruled out with absolute certainty. No liability whatsoever is taken for any damages which might occur out of the usage of this website.  
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