Feng Shui # 06a

The second method, widely in use to check the quality of different sectors, is the Ba Chop (also called Ba Zhai or 8 Houses).
Again a large variety of options allows you to adjust this method to your personal preferences. Three major points are:
- You may choose from “Late Heaven” and “Early Heaven”.
- You have the choice to either use the sector or the direction of the front door.
- The quality of the sectors can be displayed in various formats - many variants widely used are predefined but you may also provide your own texts. This way the software can be used easily by followers of different Feng Shui schools.
- Also qualifications based on sitting, facing or personal Gua of a person can be combined any way you want.
- Hereafter please find some examples, first based on Chan Kun Wah, then on other systems (good sectors highlighted in colours):

Quality of sectors in Late Heaven

Quality of sectors in Early Heaven

Instead of using just digits you may combine them with various qualifications, or use just those anlternatively. Below you find a segment according to the system of Chan Kun Wah as also given above.

But as said before, Lucky 8 Energy offers you many ways of adjustment. For example you can arrive at the result shown below by simply clicking a button at the Options. Here the 8 houses are related to the Sitting only.

Even if you prefer English designations instead of Chinese, then this is accomplished easily - and the same with using qualifications like AA or +90 or anything alike.

Hereafter you find the qualities of sectors according to the Ming Gua of a person instead of the object itself:

And sure enough all these displays are adjusted according to the compass directions provided for the floor plan of your object in question. This way you immediately see the quality of each room without having to reorganize the data in your mind.