Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Line


Put an end to drawing triangle, tracing compass and tables


Load cadastral map, picture or floor plan

Get an overview with compass rosette and 9-grid

Display Flying Stars and Ba Chop in colour and correct orientation

Fit in objects like desk or bed according to correct scale

Calculate best directions for Persons (Kua or East/West)

Turn objects to best direction

Heavenly Stars

Sam Hap Double Mountains

Play with alternatives easily and fast

Print results or transfer to a Word document

Integrated with Horoscope - and Date Selection - Line

Start Presentation

which guides you in some major steps on how to work with My_own Feng Shui.

The following presentation primarily demonstrates the usage in the context of Imperial Feng Shui, but includes some other variants as well. The software especially offers options on how to calculate the Flying Stars as well as according to which methodology and which designation the 8 Houses / Ba Zhai / Ba Chop should be calculated and displayed. The terminology (Kua/Gua/Hexagram, Site/Sitting etc.) also can be adjusted to your personal liking.
Should you still miss some flexibility here or there, please ask us.

Most of the time My_own can do more
than you would dream of :-)