The major part of this chapter on Philosophy was written long time before the latest version of the software became available - so at that time it was not possible to do the Demo Tour like you find it now. Also the focus had been very much on Horoscopes and Date Selection whereas by now the part on Feng Shui has become ever more powerful. Still it may be worth reading as it explains more on the variety of options to use the software (Please note that some of the screenshots may no longer exactly reflect the current version of the software, but they still give a good idea of what it´s all about.).

You may use this software for various purposes:

- Get major results easy, fast and reliable.

To help you in this, everywhere you find a button to print just what you want, or to transfer what you want to a Word document, where you can collect all the various results in just a couple of minutes and also add your own comments - for your own archive or for handing it to the client.
The software has been used by a variety of clients since several years now, so you can really trust the results even in most complicated cases.

- Take care of tricky details in your analysis.

The software calculates the appropriate local time for you - including summertime for major countries.
You will get a warning, when the time of birth is near a Change of Chi.
You may tentatively move the hour of birth forward or backward if it is near some break point in hour or month, then calculate a second horoscope in just a minute to see which one better reflects the real life of the client.
You can immediately see what a date or a second person means to the main person by revaluating the Sap San and San Sat basing them on the other horoscope.

- Use the software to really work with it interactively.

This software is meant to be MORE than just calculating some output for some input - the tool will help the professional user in better understanding the data and in “playing” with it interactively to achieve the best possible result for the question in mind. The new Tour will give you a little feeling on that.

One example for this is the sheet “BaZi-Analysis”. Here you have the standard Four Pillars placed in the center - and on each side you can have a variety of other data to automatically check for all possible clashes and combinations. This can mean the Major Fates in connection with a running year. This can mean checking Major Fates against the 12 Mansions. This can mean checking the four pillars of one person against the year and/or day pillar of another person - or against the pillar of the facing of that persons house or desk. This can also mean to check the four pillars of a selected date against a pillar of the person and/or the property concerned.
Besides clashes and combinations you also get the Sap San and the San Sat as well as the double Kuas, the Missing Numbers and the Empty Palaces to name just a few more of the full bunch of valuable information.

Another example is the feature to juggle back and forth between looking at the Chi Calculation for selecting dates and the horoscope analysis for the person as well as the date. So it´s very handy to combine the best of both worlds.

For selecting dates you may have a quick look at the calendar and then analyse the most interesting dates in full detail - be it for just one person with full information available for all the double hours in a day, be it for comparing the same date for several persons or several dates for the same person at a glance. Sure enough this includes Kinship Lines, Missing Numbers and Lap Yangs.

When it comes to selecting auspicious dates or directions, you will also love the sheet, which gives “good friends” in various ways. For any person or in fact any given Kua you can have displayed all the Kuas combining to 5/10/15 in either Star or Fate, or all those which belong to the same family of either the seven or the
six children. Amongst others you see the Kinship Lines for the Kuas as well as the San Sat for the person under consideration in the BaZi analysis - and you have the 24 mountains, so that you know whether a certain Kua will be a useful candidate for selecting a good direction.
Now from here you may also decide on a Kua which looks interesting for date selection, and you will have it highlighted in the Calendar as well as in an overview of all the monthly Kuas for the next couple of years.

When it comes to horoscopes for a person born within minutes of a change of Chi due to a new month or another double hour, you will enjoy that with just one entry of data for the program you can recalculate the full horoscope as if the person were born one hour or one day earlier or later - and the Mansions and Fates should tell you whether the time on the birth certificate is correct or not. Sure enough you can also research for yourself whether you want to use Local Time or China Time, Summer Time yes or no, and when to start a year energetically: winter solstice or beginning of spring. You can set and change all these options any time you use the program - as well as you can select whether you want to see Chinese characters say for stems and branches or you´re not yet familiar with these and prefer the Chinese transcription or even the English wording.

So all in all this software is meant for you to seriously play around till you find the solution which works best for you. Once you master this kind of work, for sure you will enjoy it - and handling of the program by then has become really easy for you. However, as with all things which give you a great variety of alternatives, it will take a while for you to learn how to use it to its full capacity.
In the beginning, way back in 2003, the main goal in program development has been to provide you with all these options, and to make it fully reliable in even the strangest situations. According to the testimony of a variety of clients this has been achieved.
The latest aim has been to make use of the software a lot easier than in the beginning, and by now this also has been achieved - even the more so with the follow-up product My_own Astro & Feng Shui.

So despite all the complexity built into the tool, you may also decide to take standard settings for the time being, enjoy to have local and summer time provided for many cities and countries, and just print out the sheet giving all the information necessary for the Four Pillars, the Life House and the Major Fates in just the way as recommended by Master Chan or in the new layout based on some suggestions by Michael Warden (Previous Honorary Chairman of the Chue Foundation) to use for your consultations. This you can have two minutes after you started entering the birth data for your client.

Or: You may have your own birth data stored in the program, sit down whenever you like, press the buttons “Today” or "My_Day" and have all the information on what each and every hour of the current day holds in store for you - compare it to your experience of the reality and learn more and more on interpreting all the various information.

So all in all you may use this software in a lot of ways according to your own preferences - and you will certainly love it - and I´m quite sure you will agree to what a customer said recently: it´s fantastic.