Labels for Calendar

You´d like to incorporate some of the qualities of each month and day in your printed calendar?
Please click on one of the examples given below to get access to the free download of the full page with all 60 combinations of stems and branches - exactly prepared to be printed on labels of size 38 x 21.2 mm (e.g. to be printed and peeled off as known from labels for addresses).
You get a document in Microsoft Excel - so you may even choose to re-format or sort the data anew according to your own liking.

At present you may choose from three options - please let us know if you´d like to suggest some more.

1) For each hexagram the number of the kinship lines for each topic is given as a number (to the download):

2) The kinships are given as chinese characters (to the download).
     Please note that it´s always the same sequence, NOT the sequence of the LoPan.

3) If you´re not really familiar with chinese characters, Kuas and such things,
     there´s also a simple option for you in plain English (to the download).


The association of hexagrams with stem/branch-combinations given above follows the system as for example used by Grandmaster Chan. According to that, all constellations with the same branch are situated next to each other on the LoPan - which means that for the calendar the days following each other will “jump” on the LoPan.
Now some other masters choose a system where the hexagrams for the days in the calendar follow the same order as the hexagrams on the LoPan - resulting in another sequence of associating stem/branch-combinations to hexagrams and making the printout of options 1 and 2 above hard to use.